Membership – How to Join

membershipThe LAA shall be open to all former employees of the Langley Research Center, and the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory of the NACA. Surviving members of Langley employees are eligible for full membership. Contractors to the Langley Research Center shall be eligible for membership in LAA after 5 years of service to the Center.

How to apply for LAA Membership:

Anyone seeking membership in the LAA should contact the current LAA membership chairperson, and provide him/her the information to fill in the blanks of an LAA Membership application. A facsimile of this form is found on the next page. This application is given to visitors at LAA meetings who want to join the LAA. They fill out and either mail or email it to the Membership Chairperson.

The current LAA Membership Chairperson is Richard E. (Dick) Davis. You may contact him at 757-595-7474 or at

He will enter your information into the LAA membership roster, and add you to our email list. You will then begin receiving email notices of upcoming LAA meetings, LaRC Colloquia, and other special events.