Meetings and Minutes

meetingsThe LAA meets for lunch on the second Tuesday of each month at 11:30 am in the NACA Room of the Langley Research Center Cafeteria, which is located on the first floor of Building 2102, at 10 West Taylor Street.  The LAA General Meeting starts at noon featuring interesting and timely speakers. Following the LAA General Meeting,  there is a brief meeting of the LAA Board of Directors.

LAA’s Annual Meeting is held in January for electing the Board of Directors for the new year. Board meetings are held monthly. Special meetings may be called by the President or any Board member. A picnic is held on the second Tuesday in July on the grounds adjacent to the NACA room in the Cafeteria. A winter luncheon is held on the second Tuesday of December at a local restaurant.



February 13, 2018.


  • Welcome

The general meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM by outgoing LAA President Ira Abbott. The meeting was well attended with a total of 65 members present. The meeting proceeded in accordance with the agenda.

  • Annual Business Meeting

Dan Palumbo, Chair of the Nominating Committee, led the business meeting.  Six new members of the LAA Board Class of 2019 were approved by voice vote.  The new members are Carrie Walker Creedon, Dave Reubush, David Rudy, Fred Jones, George Allison and Jim Pittman.  Dan then acknowledged the 6 members of the Class of 2016 who were rotating off the Board. These are George Boyles, Bruce Conway, Milt Holt, Betty Joyner, Wilmer Reed, and David Throckmorton.  Thanks for your service.  Dan informed the members that new Officers would be elected during the Board meeting and listed the names and positions, see minutes of the Board meeting, below.

  • Program Committee Report

LAA VP and Program Committee Chair Roger Ferguson announced the upcoming programs. There is, as yet, no one scheduled to speak at the March meeting.  See Board meeting minutes.

  • Introduction of Guest Speaker

LAA VP and Programs Chairman Roger Ferguson introduced the speaker for today’s meeting, Dr. Richard L. Boitnott, Test Engineer and Alternate Safety Head of LaRC’s Landing and Impact Facility whose presentation was titled, “History of the NASA Langley Gantry”.

  • Summary of the presentation

The presentation spanned the time from early Apollo lunar landing training through adaptation of the facility to meet testing needs as they occurred.  In recent years the facility was configured to test crew capsule landing loads.

  • New members recognized

Dick Davis introduced two new members.  Alan E. Stockwell is a former LaRC contract Employee who retired October 2017. Linda Sue Bangert is a former LaRC employee who retired February 2018.

  • Badge renewal procedure

Dick Davis informed the members of a new badge renewal procedure.  At least 3 weeks before their badge expires, members are to send email to  In the email provide your legal first and last names, a telephone or cell number and explicitly state you are requesting to renew your badge for 6 months.  If you have difficulty renewing, please contact the LAA liaison Melanie Robinson, 757-864-2660,

  • Adjournment-

The February 13, 2018 General Membership meeting was concluded around 1:00 PM.

  • Next Meeting

The next General Meeting will convene at the usual time and place – 11:30 AM in the NACA Room of the LaRC Cafeteria -on March 13, 2018.

Dan Palumbo, Secretary


February 13, 2018

  • Call to Order

The February 13, 2018 Board of Directors meeting was called to order by the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Dan Palumbo.  A quorum was present, but attendance not taken.

  • Election of Officers

Dan listed nominees for officer positions which were approved by voice vote.  The new officers are:

President:  Roger Ferguson

Vice President and Chair of Programs Committee:  Damodar Ambur

Treasurer:  Fred Morrell

Secretary:  Dan Palumbo

Chair of Membership Committee: Dick Davis

Chair of Nominating Committee: Dan Palumbo

Chair of Hall of Honor Committee:  Duncan McIver

  • Secretary’s Report

Duncan McIver gave a brief Secretary’s report stating that the receipts for the Holiday dinner posted a net gain of $248.02.

  • Treasurer’s Report-

Fred Morrell presented the budget report for November 2017, which had been emailed to the Board members earlier.  Selected figures are:

Total LAA Balance: $3914.68

Total Reunion Balance: $3899.3

LFCU interest/dividends from 1/01/2017 to 11/30/2017: $4.45

  • Program Committee Report – Roger Ferguson reported that although the April meeting had a speaker, no one was yet scheduled for March. There were several suggestions discussed by the members.  Roger and Damodar will work to fill the slot.
  • Hall of Honor Committee Report –

Duncan McIver reported that an article describing the Hall of Honor display has been written and publication will be sought in an appropriate magazine.

  • Leveraging NASA Retiree Knowledge and Experience.

Marilyn Ogburn reported on efforts to assemble a knowledge base of NASA retirees that could be used to locate people with the appropriate experience who might be willing to aid current projects related to their former careers.

  • Establishing Contacts with other NASA Center Alumni Groups.
  1. Wayne Richie reported that he has compiled a listing of alumni groups and contact information at other NASA centers. Links to these NASA Center Alumni Association Websites are already posted on the LAA website.
  • LAA Website

Duncan McIver, Manager of the site discussed including obit information on the site.

  • Membership Committee Report.

Dick Davis reported on outreach efforts he has conducted including talking to 45 prospective retirees on Oct. 24th and briefing an “Old Timers” group in the B1244 Hangar on Dec 2nd.

  • Adjournment

With no additional discussion, President Ferguson noted that the next LAA Board meeting would convene at 1:00 PM on March 13, 2018. He then adjourned the LAA Board meeting around 2:00 PM.

Dan Palumbo, Secretary