Meetings and Minutes

The LAA meets for lunch on the second Tuesday of each month at 11:30 am in the NACA Room of the Langley Research Center Cafeteria, which is located on the first floor of Building 2102, at 10 West Taylor Street.  The LAA General Meeting starts at noon featuring interesting and timely speakers. Following the LAA General Meeting,  there is a brief meeting of the LAA Board of Directors.

LAA’s Annual Meeting is held in January for electing the Board of Directors for the new year. Board meetings are held monthly. Special meetings may be called by the President or any Board member. A picnic is held on the second Tuesday in July on the grounds adjacent to the NACA room in the Cafeteria.



April 9, 2019


Roger Ferguson’s called the meeting to order at 12 noon. The meeting was attended by approximately 45 members. Roger made the membership aware of a data breach that had occurred that might have exposed some of members’ personal information. Vulnerable former employees will be notified by mail and offered some form of security coverage.

Bylaws Report

Dan Palumbo informed the membership that an Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee consisting of himself, Linda Bangert and Pete Jacobs have completed changes to the Bylaws that were extensive enough to require review and comment by the membership.  Dan mentioned he will bring the matter up before Board at the subsequent Board meeting when he will ask the Board to call a special meeting of the membership for the purpose of commenting on the new Bylaws.  Dan will distribute a draft version of the new Bylaws by email highlighting the sections that have been added or heavily modified.  Look for this in your email soon.  In addition, this draft version will be posted on the LAA website.

Membership Report:

Dick reviewed known obits since our last meeting.  Please see LAA websiteor contact Dick if you would like more information.  Dick also announced a new member, Dr. Neal T. Frink who is retired from the Configuration Aero Branch.  Other members who have signed up are John C. Costulis from Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM), Dr. Mary Ann Smith from Atmospheric Sciences and Charles Niles who joined after the meeting.

NASA Liaison Report

Melanie Robinson-Holman alerted the membership to be on the lookout for a special Apollo Anniversary event in the June-July timeframe.

LRKC Committee Report to Membership

Marilyn Ogburn present a summary of the functions of the Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture Committee.  The Committee has begun to solicit the membership for comment and received quite a few responses.  Next step is to brief LaRC management and obtain their comments.

Program Committee Report

  Roger Ferguson reported for Damodar that May’s speaker will be Mr. Michael Kirsch who will speak on ‘Composite Pressure Vessels for Aerospace Applications’. June’s speaker will be Michael Mason who will talk about retiree related financial planning.  The full slate of speakers for 2019 can be viewed on the LAA website.

Presentation by the Guest Speaker

Roger introduced Dr. Leroy Gross who many would recognize as the Doctor who conducted their annual physical.  Dr. Gross has had a distinguished career which includes 25 years as an U.S. Air Force physician and CEO/Founder of InfoMedic Health Applications, Inc.  Dr. Gross’ topic was ‘Some Pearls on Quality of Life after Retirement’.  There were many interesting facts, including that those 65+ now represent almost 23% of the population and that three people are working now for every one retiree as opposed to 55% in 1940.  While some things decline with aging, e.g., vision, hearing and short-term memory, intelligence seems to remain consistent. Dr. Gross encouraged everyone to remain active, keep learning, exercise and eat well, and, don’t forget your annual checkups. In closing he quoted Betty Friedan, “Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength”.

The talk was well received with several subsequent questions.  Roger presented Dr. Gross with a gift to show our appreciation for his time.

Next Meeting

The meeting will be held May 14th.  The speaker will be Mr. Michael Kirsch whose topic will be ‘Composite Pressure Vessels for Aerospace Applications’.


The April 9, 2019 meeting concluded around 1:00 pm.

Secretary Dan Palumbo





April 9, 2019

 Call to Order

The April 9, 2019 Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 1:07 pm by the LAA President, Roger Ferguson. A quorum was present. Minutes of the March meeting were approved by the Board and will be posted on the LAA website.


Dan Palumbo, Roger Ferguson, Dave Reubush, Linda Bangert, Fred Jones, Anthony Pototzky, Dick Davis,Pete Jacobs, Sharon Stack, Fred Morrell, Duncan McIver, Charles Cockrell, Dave Rudy, George Allison, Bill Tennis and Ed Fasanella. (16 members present)

Program Committee Report

Damodar’s report was covered during the General Meeting by Roger. However, Roger brought to the Board’s attention a conflict in the speaker schedule and our plans for a picnic in July.  The Office of the Director is currently scheduled to speak to the LAA in July.  Roger will work with Damodar to see if the OD talk can be conveniently moved to another month.

Treasurer’s Report

Fred Morrell reviewed this month’s report

.Total LAA Organizational Shares:  $4966.02

Total Super Shares: $2752.62

Total Interest 2019: $0.99

Reflects merge of LAA Organization account and LAA Reunion accou

Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture Committee (LRKC)

Marilyn’s Briefing was given during the General Meeting.

LAA Bylaws Committee

Dan Palumbo had previously distributed the new Bylaws to the Board members via email and solicited their comments during the Board meeting.  In general, the Board agreed that a special meeting of the LAA membership was necessary to provide opportunity for the members’ comments on the new Bylaws.  The Board decided that a special meeting of the membership should be called for 11:30 AM May 14 just before the scheduled May meeting at 12:00 PM.  A few members had comments on sections of the Bylaws that will be considered in the next revision to be distributed to the general membership.

 Membership Report

Dick announced that he plans to step down as Membership Chair this Fall.  Dick has been wearing several hats in his service to the LAA and we are all grateful for his dedication.  Replacing him will not be easy.

Next Meeting

Roger noted that the next LAA Board Meeting will convene on May 14, 2019 at 1:00 pm.


The April 9, 2019 Board meeting concluded at 1:50 pm.