Meetings and Minutes

The LAA meets for lunch on the second Tuesday of each month at 11:30 am in the NACA Room of the Langley Research Center Cafeteria, which is located on the first floor of Building 2102, at 10 West Taylor Street.  The LAA General Meeting starts at noon featuring interesting and timely speakers. Following the LAA General Meeting,  there is a brief meeting of the LAA Board of Directors.

LAA’s Annual Meeting is held in January for electing the Board of Directors for the new year. Board meetings are held monthly. Special meetings may be called by the President or any Board member. A picnic is held on the second Tuesday in July on the grounds adjacent to the NACA room in the Cafeteria.



March 12, 2019


In Roger Ferguson’s absence, LAA vice-president Damodar Ambur called the meeting to order at 12 noon. The meeting was attended by approximately 50 members. Damodar made the following announcements:

Damodar introduced the Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture Committee to the general membership. He urged the members to inquire for more information on the LAA webpageunder Ongoing Activities.

Damodar also reviewed the Treasurer’s Budget Report which indicated a total of over $7,600 dollars in two accounts (LAA Organization and LAA/Reunion) will be merged into one account in the next month.

NASA Liaison Report

Melanie Robinson-Holman (our LAA Liaison) introduced Katrina Youngwho leads the Langley Apollo Outreach Committee along with Megan Guethe(Exhibits Manager), Susan Campbell(Speakers Bureau) and Dustin Hitt(Exhibits Technician).  If you have any information or artifacts from the Apollo era, please contact Katrina.

Membership Report:

Dick introduced new members William A. Campbell and Dr. Mary Ann Smith.  He then reviewed known obits since our last meeting.  Please seeLAA websiteor contact Dick if you would like more information.

Program Committee Report

Damodar reported that Dr. Leroy Gross will speak on health & safety in retirement at our next meeting in April.  His talk is titled, “Some Pearls on the quality of Life in Retirement”.  Damodar thanked Melanie for her help in coordinating with the Director’s Office for a speaker on Center Affairs currently scheduled for July.  The full slate of speakers for 2019 can be viewed on the LAA website.

Presentation by the Guest Speaker

Damodar introduced Mr. Clinton Cragg a retired USN Captain and Principal Engineer at the NASA Engineering Safety Center (NESC).  Mr. Cragg talk was titled, “Independent review of US Navy F/A-18 Pilot Physiological Episodes”.  The Physiological Episodes (PEs) refer to reports of pilots becoming disoriented during flight.  The PEs had been thought to be caused by lack of Oxygen (hypoxia), but the investigative body (NAVAIR) had not been able to find verify the cause.  Congress then Directed the NAVY to engage a third party. The NAVY turned to the NESC.  Mr. Cragg summarized a broad effort to understand how the NAVY had attempted investigate the issue and to diagnose what was inhibiting their efforts.  Key among the several reasons they found was the encapsulation of several subsystems of the Environmental Control System into discrete organizations that frustrated obtaining a system wide view.  Dr. Cragg’s team was able to identify oscillations in the pressurization system which fed the O2generator as a likely cause of the Oxygen depletion.

The talk was well received with several subsequent questions.  Damodar presented Steve with a gift to show our appreciation for his time and patience, considering he had been scheduled for January.

Next Meeting

The meeting will be held April 9.  The speaker will be Dr Leroy Gross.


The March 12, 2019 meeting concluded around 1:00 pm.

Secretary Dan Palumbo



March 12, 2019

Call to Order

The March 12, 2019 Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm by the LAA vice-president, Damodar Ambur. A quorum was not present. Minutes of the February meeting were approved by the Board and will be posted on the LAA website.


Dan Palumbo, Dave Reubush, Linda Bangert, Fred Jones, Anthony Pototzky, Robert Calloway, Dick Davis, Roger Ferguson, R. Wayne Richie,Pete Jacobs, Sharon Stack, Fred Morrell and Damodar Ambur (10 voting members, italicized names are former Board members).

Program Committee Report

Damodar’s report was covered during the General Meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Fred Morrell reviewed this month’s report

Total LAA Balance: $2515.48

Total Reunion Balance: $5142.81

Total Interest 2019: $0.66

Fred indicated the 2 accounts should be merged into one by next meeting.

Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture Committee (LRKC)

Rob Calloway presented an overview of how the LRKC intends to proceed in its efforts to connect retirees who might have valuable insight into work related problems vexing Langley personnel.  The LAA members will be polled to get a better idea of who is willing to participate and the knowledge areas they represent.

LAA Bylaws

As a quorum was not present, the ByLaws could not be adopted.  The vote post postponed until next meeting.  Given the delay, Linda suggested we use the time to make additional changes clarifying several issues that remain.  Linda, Pete, Dan and Damodar will work to produce another draft for the next meeting.

Hall of Honor

There was no report. Duncan McIver was absent.

LAA Website

There was no report. Duncan McIver was absent.

Membership Report

Dick reported on the waning numbers of new members raising comments by Damodar on how we might work to foster more interest in the LAA.  This will be an ongoing topic of discussion in coming months.

Pete brought up problems which still exist in renewing the 6-month Langley badge.  Seems successfully obtaining a badge depends on who is in the processing chain at the time.

Next Meeting

Damodar noted that the next LAA Board Meeting will convene on April 9, 2019 at 1:00 pm.


The March 12, 2019 Board meeting concluded at 2:10 pm.