Meetings and Minutes

The LAA meets for lunch on the second Tuesday of each month at 11:30 am in the NACA Room of the Langley Research Center Cafeteria, which is located on the first floor of Building 2102, at 10 West Taylor Street.  The LAA General Meeting starts at noon featuring interesting and timely speakers. Following the LAA General Meeting,  there is a brief meeting of the LAA Board of Directors.

LAA’s Annual Meeting is held in January for electing the Board of Directors for the new year. Board meetings are held monthly. Special meetings may be called by the President or any Board member. A picnic is held on the second Tuesday in July on the grounds adjacent to the NACA room in the Cafeteria.



Aug 14, 2019


Roger Ferguson called the meeting to order at 12 noon. The meeting was attended by approximately 31 members.

Membership Report:

Roger provided the Membership Committee report in lieu of Dick Davis’ retirement from the LAA Board.  Roger informed the membership that former Langley Liaison to the LAA, Gail Langevin, had passed away recently.  Gail had been active with bringing together the Hall of Honor tribute as well.  Roger also acknowledged the passing of Robert Lee Long a Langley Computer Scientist who retired in the mid 1980s and Chris Kraft, the Apollo Space Flight Director, who also passed recently.  Members in attendance let us know that John Malloy, Dr. Randall Davis, Gene Mason and Jag Singh.

Charlie Cockrell reported that 30 members paid dues at the picnic.  New members are Jean Bowen, Booby Huffman, Paul Roberts and John Barry.  Welcome aboard.

NASA Liaison Report

Melanie Robinson-Holman was available to accept applications for new or renewed 6-month badges.

LRKC Committee Report to Membership

No report this month.

Program Committee Report

 Damodar reviewed the speaker lineup for the remainder of the year.  Ms. Michelle Munk will present “NASA’s Entry, Descent and Landing Systems and Technologies” at next month’s meeting, Jill Marlowe will provide and overview of Langley’s Director Office affairs in October and Domenic Maglieri current progress in supersonic aircraft design and performance in November.

Presentation by the Guest Speaker

Damodar introduced Dr. Patrick Taylor as our guest speaker. Patrick is a Research Scientist in the Science Directorate at Langley where he specializes the effect of clouds on weather prediction and climate models.  Patrick’s talk was titled, “Causes and Consequences of a Rapidly Changing Arctic”.

After presenting data illustrating the recent rapid retreat of Arctic ice, Patrick reviewed three main reasons why the Arctic energy balance has tipped towards warming: (1) Less ice means more water and water absorbs energy from the sun better than ice, (2) Although the increased cloud cover is white, the clouds don’t reflect sun energy as well as ice and, during the winter, act as a blanket to trap warmth, inhibiting ice reformation, and (3) Wind patterns have set up to transfer warm air from Southern latitudes to the Arctic. Some consequences are the formation of a new navigable ocean and increased forest fires in the thawing tundra.

The talk was well received, but ran late, so questions were deferred until the meeting adjourned. Damodar presented Mr. Kirsch with a gift to show our appreciation for his time.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held Sept. 10.  The speaker will be Ms. Michelle Munk who will speak on NASA’s evolving approach to reentry, descent and landing.


The Aug 14, 2019 meeting concluded 1:07 pm.

Secretary Dan Palumbo




Aug 14, 2019

Call to Order

The Aug 14, 2019 Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm by the LAA President, Roger Ferguson. A quorum was present.


Dan Palumbo, Duncan McIver, Roger Ferguson, Fred Morrell, Charles Cockrell, Anthony Pototsky, Sharon Stack, Dave Rudy, George Allison, Linda Bangert, Pete Jacobs, Damodar Ambur, Carrie Creedon, Ed Fasanella, Marilyn Ogburn* and Wayne Richie*. *non-board members

Secretary’s Report – Dan Palumbo

The June meeting minutes were reviewed and approved. The minutes will be uploaded to the LAA webpage.

Treasurer’s Report – Fred Morrell

Fred Morrell reviewed this month’s report. Of note were deposits of $540 from picnic payments and $260 from membership dues.  An invoice for picnic expenses has not yet been received.

Total LAA Organizational Shares:  $4882.46

Total Super Shares: $3728.66

Total Interest 2019: $2.36

Program Committee Report – Damodar Ambur and Roger Ferguson

Damodar handed out 2020 income tax flyers from Mason and Associates that were leftover from Mike Mason’s talk in June.  Damodar then reported that he had 4 speakers on a waiting list for 2020 to fill any cancellations that may occur.

Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture Committee (LRKC) – Marilyn Ogburn

Marilyn reported on the meeting the LRKC had with Jill Marlowe, Lisa Harvey and Bart Singer.  Of significance was Jill’s mention of Langley’s outyear strategy to move to a more dynamic workforce where maintaining contact with alumni would be important.  To support LRKC’s effort and the LAA in general, Lisa agreed to work with the LRKC on an @LaRC announcement describing the benefit of LAA membership and the work of the LRKC. 

Also discussed was the abrupt cancellation of retirees’ access to their NASA email immediately upon retirement and how this interferes with the continued support of the retirees’ contributions to Langley and NASA.  Jill mentioned she would look into this.

A second meeting of the LRKC with Jill and others is planned for October.

LAA Website Coordination – Duncan McIver and Wayne Richie

Duncan mentioned posting names of new members on website.  Dan commented that this information could be included with distribution of the agenda to the membership.  Realization then came to the Board, that since Dick’s retirement that the final agenda had not been distributed.  Dan has agreed to see to this.

Membership Report – Roger Ferguson

Roger mentioned that a list of retires that had been kept by Gail Langevin had gone dormant after she left the Liaison position.  The list was used to inform retirees of activities at Langley in which they might be interested.  A postcard note will be distributed to the folks on the retiree list to join the LAA if they wish to keep in touch.  This placement of the LAA as the one interface between Langley and its alumni may have a not insignificant impact on how the LAA Membership Committee operates.

Next Meeting

Roger noted that the next LAA Board Meeting will convene on Sept. 10, 2019 at 1:00 pm.


The Aug 14, 2019 Board meeting concluded at 2:15 pm.