About the LAA


In February 1987, a group of former Langley employees began working with the Office of External Affairs to establish a Langley Research Center Alumni Association. Gary Price in External Affairs had initiated the effort to explore such an organization, and their efforts led to the formation of the LAA.

The acting Chairman of the Board of Directors was William J. Boyer, and the committees and their chairs were: Finance, Edmund A. Brummer; Membership, Domenic J. Maglieri; Nominating, Charles B. King; Program, Donald H. Ward; Social, Abraham Leiss. Betty Joyner was acting secretary/treasurer. These officers served until January 1988 when an annual membership meeting and election of a board was held.

The Alumni’s purpose was to develop, maintain, and enhance the relationship among former employees of the Langley Research Center and provide a mechanism for the Centetr to maintain contact with its former employees. It also provided an organized way for members to support special events at the Center and other activities of mutual interest.

All former NACA/NASA employees of LMAL/LaRC are eligible for membership. Former employees of contractors who had 5 or more years continuous support to the Center are also eligible. The dues were set at $5.00 per year.

The LAA is an active alumni organization today, with a strong supporting relationship with the NASA Langley Research Center. The LaRC external affairs office is a key partner in this valuable alumni organization.

Current Officers and Board of Directors

The 2018 LAA Officers are: President: Roger Ferguson; Vice President and Programs Chair: Damodar Ambur; Secretary: Daniel Palumbo; Treasurer: Fred Morrell; Membership Chair: Dick Davis; Nominating Committee Chair Daniel. Palumbo, and Chair, NACA/NASA Hall of Honor: Duncan McIver; Telephone Committee Coordinator: Bob Feldhousen; E-mail Coordinator: Dick Davis, Duncan McIver; Immediate Past President is Ira Abbott; Registered Agent: Betty Joyner; The LAA website manager is Duncan McIver.

The LAA Board of Directors, by Class are:

2017: Robert Calloway, Shirley Davis, John Korte, Charles Laney, Arline Levine, Fred Morrell, Robert (Wayne) Richie, Clayton Rogers, and Bo Walkley

2018: Damodar Ambur, Edwin Fasanella, Stewart Harris, Daniel Palumbo, Paresh Parikh

2019:  Carrie Walker Creedon; Fred Jones; George Allison; Dave Reubish; David Rudy; and Jim Pittman