Welcome All Current LAA Members and Recent Retirees (We hope you join Us)

The Annual LAA December Holiday Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, December 10, 2019, at Angelos Steak and Pancake House, located at 755 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News, VA 23101. See details as follows:

LAA December Holiday Luncheon

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

to be held again this year at Angelo’s Steak and Pancake House located at 755 J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Newport News, VA 23601

Dinner Set Menu

Your choice of one of the following three entrees:

8 oz. Ribeye Steak, Cut fresh daily in our kitchen, Served with baked potato and a salad

Fried Flounder, Fried in our homemade batter, Served with coleslaw, hushpuppies, baked potato and a salad

Grilled Chicken Breast, Lightly marinated in our special dressing, Served with coleslaw, baked potato and a salad

Beverages included are coffee and iced tea, no substitutions.

Wine and beer are available for purchase on a separate ticket

 The cost is $25 per person, payable in cash at the door

The luncheon is scheduled for 12 noon but the LAA will have the room reserved from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM as we did last year to allow time for arriving guests to pay and socialize.  LAA members and their guests wanting to attend the luncheon must sign-up for the event no later than noon Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  Members may sign up at the November 12 LAA luncheon meeting or by contacting Roger Ferguson by email ( or phone (804) 642-9582.  To register, members must provide their name, name of their guest (if any), email (or phone number) and choice of entree (steak, flounder, or chicken) from the menu above.

ATTENTION, NEED YOUR HELP:  NASA Langley’s Floyd Thompson Technical Library (building 1194) is slated for demolition towards the end of 2020. All the building’s contents must be removed prior to November 2019. Please see the following letter:

ISSUE: Identification of “Found in Collection” artifacts(documents/photos/objects)

  • NASA Langley’s Floyd Thompson Technical Library (building 1194) is slated for demolition toward the end 2020. All of the building’s contents must beremoved prior to November 2019.
  • Located in the building is the former “historical archive,” which once housed Langley’s fulltime historian. It has been emptied of most documents and records but still houses approx. 60 artifacts/heritage assets.
  • The artifacts – which include early testing instruments, models and test articles, and misc. items of historical interest – are neither accurately identified nor tagged as NASA property.
  • Langley does not have a historian or an archivist, so we are reaching out to past historians, retirees and others who may have possible information that could help Langley personnel make a more informed decision about whether or not to assess the artifacts into the collection or remove them.
  • The artifacts have been photographed and can be viewed in an online gallery:
  • If you have any factual, non-speculative information that adds context orhelps establish the object’s value – either scientific, scholarly, historic or aesthetic (what it is; how it was used or by who; the possible age of when it was used; etc.) – please send it to:Rob Wyman, OSACB, Communications team lead



The last Langley Alumni Association Meeting was held on Tuesday, November 12, in the NACA Room in the Cafeteria at NASA Langley Research Center. The speaker was Domenic Maglieri, NASA Langley (Retired). The title of his talk was Sonic Boom – Outlook on Civil Overland and Supersonic Operations – A Bit of History, the Players, and the PromisesHis talk was excellent and well received by the attendees. The first photo is of Maglieri at the podium and the second photo is of the LAA attendees enjoying his talk:

Minutes for both the LAA General Meeting and Board Meeting are contained in the Meeting and Minutes section.

Information on Obtaining Badges to Attend LAA Meetings at LaRC

To attend Langley Alumni Association (LAA) meetings, Langley retirees can obtain a one-day visitor badge at the NASA Langley Badge and Pass Office. Please bring two forms of government-issued identification. We now have a new process to renew your six-month badge.  Within two-three weeks of the badge expiration date, please send an email to:

Please include your legal first and last name as well as a telephone or cell number and state that you are requesting a six-month LAA badge renewal. Call the Badge and Pass Office at 757-864-2790 within a week after you receive notice that the renewal is being processed and to ensure your new badge is ready for pick-up.

 Ongoing Activities

The LAA has a close working partnership with the NASA Langley Research Center. Our liaison to NASA Langley Research Center is the talented Melanie Robinson, and she can be reached at 757-864-2660.

The Langley Research Center NACA and NASA Hall of Honor (HoH) is an important partnership between the LAA and LaRC to honor the pioneers and contributors to LaRC over the years. The permanent display of the Honorees at LaRC for Classes 2015 and 2017 has been completed and can be viewed in the NACA Room of the NASA Langley Cafeteria, where the LAA meets. This is an exciting accomplishment of the LAA and NASA Langley Research Center partnership and praise for the outstanding effort of the Langley Graphics team. You can find more information about the 2015 and 2017 classes at the NASA LaRC Hall of Honor website.

The LAA Board has established a new ad hoc committee entitled Langley Retiree Knowledge Capture (LRKC).  It is well known that LAA retirees have a vast reservoir of past experience and expertise that may need to be accessible to Langley, other NASA Centers, and even outside organizations. This sub-committee has been appointed by the Board to explore this matter and to define what the scope and organization of the effort would be if the LAA undertakes the task. Members of the sub-committee are Marilyn Ogburn, Rob Calloway, Dan Palumboand Wayne Richie and will be reporting their findings to the Board at future meetings.

Meanwhile, all members of the LAA are encouraged to contact any member of this sub-committee with any ideas or suggestions (the primary point of contact is Marilyn Ogburn (

The LAA Board is continuing to pursue information on spousal benefits. LAA Board will work with Melanie Robinson to acquire the necessary information.

Colloquium and Sigma Lectures – There is an excellent series of monthly lectures available to the LAA membership. The Colloquium is presented in the LaRC Reid Center auditorium at 2:00 pm and the same or similar Sigma Series lecture in the VASC at 7:30 pm. Please visit Colloquium and Sigma Lectures for more details including the upcoming topic.

To keep up with activities at the NASA Langley Research Center visit the NASA Langley Website.

NASA Langley provides an excellent website on public cultural resources at the Center. Please visit Public Cultural Resources.

The Federal Employee Health Benefits health plan brochures are available online at this link.

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