Greetings to the LAA family.

On Tuesday February 9, 2016, we had a wonderful LAA meeting n the new NACA Room in the new NASA cafeteria in the new IESB, Building 2102 on 10 West Taylor Street.

The LAA Board is continuing to pursue information on spousal benefits. President Ira Abbott will work with Gail Langevin to acquire the necessary information.

To keep up with activities at the NASA Langley Research Center visit the NASA Langley Website.

There is an excellent series of monthly lectures available to the LAA membership. The Colloquium is presented in the LaRC Reid Center at 2:00 pm and the same or similar Sigma Series lecture in the VASC at 7:30 pm. Please visit Colloquium and Sigma Lectures for more details including the upcoming topic.

NASA Langley provides an excellent website on public cultural resources at the Center. Please visit Public Cultural Resources.

Next LAA Meeting (s)

Set your calendars for Tuesday, March 8, 2016, and plan to enjoy a fun and informative meeting of the LaRC Alumni. Also, remember that our meeting will take place in the new NACA Room in the new NASA cafeteria in the new IESB, Building 2102 on 10 West Taylor Street.

Our speaker will be distinguished researcher and author – LaRC retiree and LAA member Mr. Joseph Chambers – who will talk on the status of the preparation of the NACA Centennial Book, which he is leading.

There will be a Board meeting after the main member meeting.

The Federal Employee Health Benefits health plan brochures are available online.

General Information.

To attend Langley Alumni Association (LAA) meetings, Langley retirees can obtain a one-day visitor badge at the NASA Langley Badge and Pass Office. Please bring two forms of government-issued identification. Six-month badges are available to LAA members. For a six-month badge, fill out a NASA form 1760. The form is available from the NASA liaison to the LAA at the monthly meetings. Please allow two weeks to process six-month badges.

Website Updated on March 8, 2016